Hi you!

We may have met anywhere in the world...

or not yet!

Traveling for the last 10 years, I explore New Zealand since 2019 & currently live happily in Coromandel as nature is my favourite environment.


Photography for me, is a way to slow down.

It teaches me patience, allows me to take time to look at many things in more detail & learn about them.


Feel free to contact me if you want, not only photos but, to build memories, having a playfull day out in family, for example! 

I need real interactions, smiles, beautiful moments in order to capture real emotions!!


You look for a photographer for a festival? A local event?

Eco friendly, supporting communities, culture, focused on art, self expression... more?

I want to be part of it!

I love challenges & human creativity so, bring me your ideas!!

I hope you enjoy your visit!  

See you soon! 


"There is more fun to life than simply increasing its speed

(Mahatma Gandhi)



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